Cicatrix Manet

Talking about selflessness. Sun has been highly praised for her selfless effort of shining down the Earth and be the profound source of heat. She’s not doing it for love, mind you. Sun shines because she has to. Because she has no other choice. She just sits still on her orbital, and the Earth rotates. She just happens to be near the Earth per se. But not the star. The star falls on our sight after a journey across million years of light distance, dying, so far from her home -all that so we can see some pretty blinking dots on sky.

The title is one of the Latin phrase I really love. Sounds beautiful and avant-garde. While its translation is “The scar remains”.

Everything is just not as what it seems. Our mind is playing trick on us. The center part of still picture above seems like moving, while it’s not. So? Who’s to blame? Our eyes? Or our mind? Your call.

Over The Clichès

They say that it’s better to love and get hurt than not to love at all. I don’t buy that crap. It’s a justification of the masochism state of mind.

They say it’s nicer to be with the loved ones than to be on my own. Me agrees. But it’s a whole way easier to be alone.

They say that I am a coward for not taking risk to fall in love. What can I say? I am pragmatical. If it doesn’t work anyway, why bother?

Yes, I am a coward. A realistic one.

So cheers to all the clichès we’ve ever heard.



Isn’t saying hello supposed to be nice and easy? Unlike farewell, the welcoming expressions vary in good, and cheerful ways.

Opening myself to reader(s) -if any, is not an easy way. That is, in the first place, the reason of why I always refuse to write in a blog. Twitter updates, Facebook notes, I’ve got heaps. But, to actually write something, ceremoniously, is something I am scared of.

The pressure to be persistent in posting. The urge to be satisfying. The fear of disappointing. The me.

Please, kindly forgive me. It is my baby step. So, hello.


Just in case you wonder.. I’ll write about everything. Literally, everything. This is not a themed-blog. It might be useful or useless, you decide. Bon apetit!