Self-Note: About The Time




Funny how caffeine makes me see things better, or at least that’s from my point of view. But it strikes me these days -the idea to change. Me personally, also how I see things -which directly influences my writing. You might have seen the different way of my writing perspective. Or, maybe not. That’s not the point anyway. Let’s move on, shall we?

The seconds become minutes, the minutes become hours, the hours become days, the days become weeks, the weeks become months, the months become years, the years become memories.

Clock’s ticking!

Where does the time go? Nowhere!
Time is static. It doesn’t lead us -we lead it.

This may sound like an academic argument, but it is important to make the distinction. You are the one who is doing the moving. You are not a passenger of Time, you are the driver. Though the Time is not analogue to a car -which has got brake and all, but we hold the steer. Yet a potentially excellent new phase of the future begins to open up before you. Don’t feel as if you are being carried into this unwillingly.

It is your path, down which to stride with pride. There I said it.

Sleepless and Lost

My mind is like a labyrinth that even myself could be lost into. I stumble upon the memories I’ve had, and I couldn’t help to have some wandering thoughts.

The bad times, the worse even. The good times, and also the better. And the times in between. Times that makes me, me. I am what I had been experiencing. We are, aren’t we? Otherwise there wouldn’t be a past tense. Oh, I am rambling, this is about how I live my life, and I better to stick to the topic.

Talking about bad times and the good ones, I just realized that a person real quality is determined only when one is in bad times instead of the good ones. You see, in a day-to-day base life, and you don’t have a significant problem, it’s so much easier to be patient, to forgive others and so on. Yet in worse times, a slightest mistake others make would burn you out.

I don’t know much about life. But I can tell my (future) kids, that patience doesn’t mean to accept thing and do nothing about it. Patience is a perseverance of keeping in the right track, or putting thing on its place. It does. I guess.




Loveless Letter

Dear Self, it’s okay.. you’ll be just alright. Regards, Future-me.


Dear Doubts, you’re trying too hard. Regards, Faith.


Dear Love, I win. Regards, Jealousy.


Dear Time, please turn back. Regards, Remorse.


Dear Heart, next time listen to me. Regards, Brain.


Dear Brain, this is something you wouldn’t understand -sorry. Regards, Heart.


Dear Sweet Memories, get lost. Regards, A Broken heart.


Dear Ex, your loss -not mine. Regards, The-better-me.